What is Xtreme Ice Skating?

Xtreme Ice Skating is an extreme sports culture and sport on the ice. It's a way of life that promotes the growth of individuality, leadership and risk-taking both on and off the ice. Xtreme Ice Skating is such a raw combination of creativity, power, and showmanship that one's possibilities are endless. It is this new combination of mastery and adrenaline-inducing behavior that defines Xtreme Ice Skating. Feel the emotion in Pure Energy.

The culture of our sport:

Xtreme Ice Skating is more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Xtreme Ice Skating is about being creative, being a thrill-seeker, a taking every movement on the ice to the Xtreme.

Pure energy and passion of Xtreme Ice Skaters:

We are motivated by the challenge of taking ice skating to more extreme levels. Xtreme Ice Skaters enjoy combining three or four tricks into one spectacular move. Our passion takes ice-skating to a whole new level: hard, fast, high-flying, and absolute craziness: "Pure Energy." Dream the impossible. There is excitement and energy in having complete control over one's skates while experiencing the ice in total joy. As any ice-skater might say: there is only "FREEDOM" when it comes to ice-skating. Experience your world.

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